The Bojangles strategy and how we execute our programme

With more than 16 years in the business, and thanks to the phenomenal growth we have experienced, we believe that we have an excellent understanding of the industry and its requirements. We have also learned what our customers' preferences are and have developed our menus, our pricing structures and our services accordingly. In keeping with this, we strive, at all times, to ensure that our quality and service is of the highest possible standard.

The Objectives we have set for our company are as follows:

•  To always provide the best quality food to our customers;

•  It is essential that the presentation of our food is always appetising and a culinary delight;

•  Utensils, dishes and plates must always be spotless and hygienically clean;

•  Our staff must always stand out as being presentably dressed, well trained and professional and must at all times have our customers' best interests at heart;

•  We pay strict attention to detail when setting up for functions and conferences;

•  Punctuality is of vital importance, as we must at all times ensure that we are never late;

•  We pride ourselves on prompt delivery of quotations to customers;

•  We do accept late orders if necessary and will execute them if at all humanly possible for example, the Mayors Office has, on occasion, placed an order an hour before lunch and we have delivered.

By developing and maintaining close relationships with many corporate secretaries and PR's in and around Nelson Mandela Bay, we have gained an excellent understanding of each individual client's likes and dislikes. At Bojangles we pride ourselves on assisting our clients with anything they might need with regard to their conferencing or event requirements over and above those of a catering nature.

To this end, over the years we have built up a range of equipment and décor in order to help our clients in order to save them the trouble of shopping around for unnecessary extras.

Our objective has always been to create a professional, service orientated one stop catering / conferencing / function business.